2 Website Essentials for Lead Generation

lead-generation-seoNow more than ever, having a strong online presence is an absolute must for successful companies. More and more purchases and service decisions are being made with the assistance of websites and search engines. This means if your website is not built to assist visitors through the lead nurturing and lead generation process, it is likely you are losing many sales and creating larger than normal bounce rates. But what does your website need to assist in lead generation? Find out the basics here!


Call to Action

We have all heard that content is something that is the core of your online marketing strategy. In fact, marketers plan to spend more than 70% more time creating content this year than they did in 2015. You are creating all of this useful and helpful content that helps solidify your business as an authority, but what next? What is the logical next step for a consumer? This is where CTAs come into place. A CTA or call to action gives the consumer a logical next step to attain more information on a specific topic, product or service that is available. A CTA is usually an image with actionable wording for consumer to download, view, or learn more information. This means consumers will spend more time on your site, learning more and may even quickly lead to a sale.


Landing Pages

CTAs almost always lead to landing pages. A landing page acts as a funnel for lead generation. Landing pages offer focused content for the consumer in exchange for relevant consumer information such as name, email, and qualifying lead information. This is extremely beneficial for businesses, as it enables the company to continue to nurture the lead through other marketing tactics such as email marketing and RSS feeds.


Offering landing pages enables businesses to continually create focused content on each specific product or service. This also makes it simple to build new CTAs and test what information the consumer is really looking for on the market today.

Adding these two pieces of the lead generation puzzle to your website can make a world of difference in your results. Ready to start implementing this into your SEO management plan? Contact Atria Today!