3 Cardinal Sins of Local Business Marketing

bad-seo-tacticsSuccessfully starting, running and growing a small business online is no small feat. No matter the industry, a presence online is essential for a small business to compete in today’s market. Many small businesses strive to put their best SEO foot forward, but due to many reasons end up on the losing end of a competitive online market. Understanding and realizing the mistakes of other small businesses online can help you avoid these hiccups and hurdles, while improving the presence of your website online continuously. Here are some of the cardinal sins you must avoid as a small business trying to improve their SEO & PPC management.


Not Realizing Google Algorithm is in Constant Flux

Google does not do idle well. Their researchers and analysts are constantly looking for new ways to improve the user experience and produce a better algorithm for the consumer. This means what is considered a SEO strength today, may not be the case next quarter or next year. Having either a dedicated professional or a SEO & PPC management team to oversee your business’ growth online can ensure that you are not behind on the latest updates from Google. The last thing a business needs is to be putting time, money, and effort into strategies that are no longer effective.


Focusing on The Wrong Keyword Phrases

Sure, you would love for your business to show up for “Chevy Dealership” or “Best Happy Hour”. The reality is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of other companies competing for these keywords that likely have far bigger budgets than you can afford. Instead of spending time and resources on keywords that will most likely not generate a return on investment, focus on long-tail keyword phrases that your target audience is actually searching for. Your business is more likely to show up for “Salt Lake City Chevy Dealership” and hold a strong click-rate. This enables your business to focus on improving your rankings for relevant phrases that will bring more targeted traffic to your site. More targeted traffic leads to more conversions, and more conversions leads to higher return on investment.


Setting it And Forgetting It

Building a website and not actively adding content, reviewing site metas, sharing in social media, and many of the other tactics we discuss for effective SEO strategies can and will lead to the death of your website. SEO is not the only thing is constant flux. Website design and usability is constantly changing as well. If your website has the same design from five years ago, you can have the strongest SEO strategies available and still see a high bounce rate. Having an UX design enables your potential consumer to navigate and gain information faster, quickening the zero moment of truth where they become a customer with you!

Internet marketing is something that does take time and effort, so determine if this is something you have to effectively manage. If the answer is no, finding a strong company to help your business grow is essential. Atria Media Group is the leader in Salt Lake City SEO & PPC Managment and can assist your small business in growing as a local company. Learn more today!