3 Musts to Improve Your Blog’s SEO & PPC Effectiveness

No matter if you are a B2B business or a B2C business, there are great opportunities to improve your online presence with the combination of blog content, SEO and PPC. These three forces set a strong precedence with search rankings, so having a smart and efficient strategy to use blogs to improve SEO rankings and PPC conversions are a must. But how can your business garner search strength with smart tactics? Here are some must-implement strategies can help boost your website and business to new online heights.

Focus on Quality Content

The days of keyword-stuffed articles and posts are long gone. Google has stated that these articles will not kick-start your SEO rankings anymore. Search Engines are now putting a high value on quality content versus quantity. Legitimate blog posts should contain helpful, relevant content that the consumer desires, is in need of, or answers questions. Does this mean forget about keywords? Absolutely not. Search engines still rely on keywords to understand the relevance of your content, but the algorithm is now able to understand if the content is providing value to the consumer. Repeating the same set of keywords throughout your content does nothing to help your SEO rankings and PPC bounce rates will be astronomical for the same reasons search engines are not recognizing these blogs as relevant anymore.

You Must Share Content on Social Media

A large section of consumers now use social media to attain answers to questions and begin search queries on social media accounts like Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, and others. Consistently sharing your content on accounts like these keeps your followers informed and creates the opportunity for your content to be shared to other potential customers. Search engines are now using social relevance as a part of their SEO algorithm, making social media a requirement. Social media is important for PPC advertising as well. Google Adwords provides businesses the opportunity to link their account with social signals from social media networks and create retargeting ads from the actions of consumers on the networks. If you are not getting your content and pages to the public via social media, you could be missing a vital conversion for your pay-per-click management.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

At this point, if your website is not mobile-friendly, a website redesign is a must. Not only is website responsiveness an essential part of the new algorithm, but user bounce rate on websites that do not contain a mobile-friendly options has proven far higher. Your website can have some of the best SEO and PPC tactics implemented, but are still suffering from lower rankings and PPC conversion rates because your content cannot be used easily by the consumer.

These are just a few ways you can easily use your blog content to effectively brand and convert your content. Atria Media Group is the leader in local and national SEO & PPC management, providing quality services for your online business. Learn more today!