3 Tips for Boosting Local Search SEO in the Utah Area

salt-lake-city-seo-ppcWe all know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the biggest concerns for businesses competing online. But with the growth of Google’s strength in the local search market, getting your SEO right is an absolute must for businesses with a more limited audience/sale reach compared to larger companies. Growing your business using proper local SEO techniques can help you reach those in any Utah town, city or region. Here are some tips to boost your local SEO and Utah online marketing.


Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Just like in the goold old days, word of mouth means something to businesses. Word of mouth still exists; it has just taken a new form with the internet. Review sites are becoming major local SEO anchors for businesses because Google has changed its algorithm and format to put a higher emphasis on these reviews and more are showing up at the top of search results. The more results you can encourage customers to leave about their great experiences with your company, the easier it is to start ranking for local, industry-specific results.


Area-Specific Content

Knowing about your area helps generate the feeling of reliability between you and your customer. If you are creating content that shows you are knowledgeable and trustworthy in your industry you will likely generate more sales from online visitors. Ready to boost those numbers? Generate area-specific content to your area. Own a limo service that works out of Salt Lake City? Create content giving your customers ideas on a night out on the town in Salt Lake City. This shows that not only are knowledgeable in the limo industry, but that you know Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas.


Sponsored Ads

Don’t think that PPC and SEO aren’t intertwined. In many areas they are. If you create area-specific content that answers questions for potential customers and you create PPC Salt Lake City adwords campaign, you can ensure that your page that may not be ranking yet is being seen by those searching for those specific answers. The more people who get information from this page and convert, the more Google sees your page as not just a PPC push, but full of relevant content to people live in the area looking for your specific service.

These are some quick and beneficial tips to boost SEO & PPC in Salt Lake City and Utah. Want to really push your business ROI to the next level? Work with Atria to create a comprehensive SEO & PPC plan that converts local online visitors into sales. Contact us today!