4 Reasons Not to Ignore Bing for Online Ads

bing-ads-for-businessDuring the holiday season, you have most likely seen an uptick in advertising online within your own personal life. This time of year pushes ad budgets to skyrocketing heights and often converts to quite the return on investment. We as marketers always associate online ads with Google Adwords, but often forget what seems to be the red-headed stepchild of search platforms, Bing. This is often to the business’ detriment. More and more statistics are showing that those who dabble in Bing Ads are seeing astonishing results, especially compared to the hyper-competitive Google Adwords. Learn why your business should not ignore Bing Ads not only during holiday season, but year-round.


Reduced Competition for Keywords

As mentioned above, Google is the King of search engines. This means that nearly all companies entering online advertising are spending their money on keyword searches in Google. What they fail to see is the strong numbers that use Bing to search for results and the reduced price and competition on the search engine for results. This can be extremely beneficial to those looking to cut their cost per click (CPC) or those in industries with narrow searches as well.


An Ad App That Works

If you are focusing on manual ad management, it is essential to have access to your account to make changes quickly. Sometimes this can be difficult when using Google. Bing offers the Bing Ad App that lets you instantaneously make changes and alter your campaigns from your smartphone, wherever you may be.


Bing Beat Google to the Punch

Google announced recently that expanded ads would be slowly rolled out to Adwords users as part of a Beta test. This would give users the ability to add additional information to their ad within a campaign to possible lure more clicks and sales. While Google was testing, Bing has already rolled out their expanded ads, with much praise from users.


Unbeatable Device Targeting

It is common knowledge that devices alter and change how consumers research and purchase. Knowing ad success based on these results would be essential for targeting and adjusting your ad campaigns for ROI. Luckily, Bing has given users some of the most targeted device targeting, letting your team know how many users are converting from desktops, tablets and cell phones with ease. Bing ads can even break this down to geographic location, age and gender.


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