4 Tips to Get Your New Website Indexed By Google


Launching a new website can be an exciting and heady task at the same time. UX design, search engines, traffic scores and a thousand other things are running through your mind. One of these most likely is ranking with Google. But how exactly do you even let Google know your site is there and how do you improve your chances of ranking within searches. There are numerous tactics that can be used, but starting with a strong core plan using these tips can set your SEO foundation and put your website on the right track for growth. Here are some of our tips to launching your website and working with Google!

Use a Solid CMS Foundation

Gone are the days of hard-coding entire websites. Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Drupal enable you to easily manage, customize and add content to your website without deep knowledge of coding and HTML. Purchasing a theme that focuses on being lightweight and fast site loading speeds can help push your website to the top. Google uses many of the items in these themes in their ranking algorithm. Be sure to do your research and pick a theme that is user-friendly and SEO focused.


Focus on a Long-Tail Keyword List

Keywords are used by Google to realize what a page on your website is focusing on. In the past, Google would look specifically for short keywords and use those to rank your page. In today’s growing algorithm, long-tail keywords are now more important. For example, if you were searching for the best kabobs in your area, users may of searched for “Kabobs Utah”. If your page was focused on these two words, you were likely to show up in searches. This is the not the case today. Users are more likely to search for, “Shrimp Kabob Restaurant Salt Lake City” instead. This is a long-tail keyword phrase. Focusing on these long-tail keyword phrases in your content can help boost your ranking chances with Google.


Install SEO Plugins

One of the best (AND FREE) SEO plugins for WordPress is SEO YOAST. This plugin brings almost all of the necessary SEO features needed on a day to day basis in one spot. This plugin enables you to edit your Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Keywords and Social Titles all in one spot. Be sure to use this plugin and edit. Although SEO YOAST will auto-populate most of these categories for you, reviewing and editing to focus on target keywords and longtail keyword phrases is ideal.

Do NOT Submit to Google Until Launch is a GO

Once your website is ready to go live, launch the site and submit to Google through Webmaster Tools. This tells Google, yes, my site is ready to be indexed. Indexing can take time on Google’s end so ensuring your site is 100% ready to be indexed can save you time waiting for any re-indexing to occur.

Use these tips and set a strong foundation for your website search engine optimization. Ready to take your SEO strategy to the next level? Atria Media Group is a full-service firm that can assist you with all your internet marketing needs. Learn more today!

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