5 Ways to Improve Your Google Pagespeed Score in 2018

Instantaneous answers and products providing solutions are now the standard in today’s consumer environment. Consumers do not want to wait for answers and responses which has changed how we provide customer service, especially online. We create pages that provide the correct answers for the consumer going through the marketing funnel and try to provide answers for all possible questions. There is one flaw: if you website is slow to respond with this info, the consumer is 3x more likely to find the same products on another site. What causes this? Poor Pagespeeds. Google’s algorithm takes into account the speed of which your website responds to requests for consumers and influences your SEO results. How can you ensure that your website is running at optimal speed of under .2 seconds for response? Here are some tips here!


Review Your DNS

Is your website on shared cloud hosting? This can cause a slower response time due to the loads their cloud servers are under from numerous websites. One way to reduce this is by using programs like Cloudflare. Cloudflare has built in programs that integrate into your website to optimize the performance and improve your Pagespeed.


Switch to PHP7

Most websites online are using WordPress and are WordPress-favored hosting. If your website is with one of these hosts, contact them and see if they support PHP7. Mixed Reports Online show a 20 to 50 percent speed increase in switching to PHP 7.


Google Fonts

When choosing fonts, try to stick with Google Fonts. Download these from Google and then upload them into your website instead of pulling from the Google server. This will make it easy for the load to recognize the font and quicken the response time.


Minify Code

Minification (also minimisation or minimization), in computer programming languages and especially JavaScript, is the process of removing all unnecessary characters from source code without changing its functionality. By cleaning up your code, the processing of your site will speed up and improve response. This can be completed with numerous plugins on the market that will increase your response speed and improve your Google score.


Disable Unused Plugins

We all love plugins and they are great where appropriate. But they can make your website sluggish and slow down your site. Be sure to go through every so often and disable any plugins you are not using anymore to keep your speed top notch.


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