6 Plugins to Make Internet Marketing Easier

Running and managing an online presence is becoming more of a full-time job by the day for many small to medium size businesses. The days of throwing a website online and hoping potential customers find it are long gone. Tackling the online jungle is something that can be struggle, but with the help of automated and augmented intelligence, the tide is turning. Conquer online management, improve SEO results and consistently promote your product or service using these plugins for efficacy and security.


Security Plugins

Hacks, malware and viruses are something that has become a daily occurrence in the online world. Not only can this effect the performance of your computer, but sensitive information can be stolen with ease undenounced to the site visitor. Install a security plugin that blocks brute force logins, bans IPs that attempt this and runs routine scans for issues and alerts the administrator.


SSL Configuration

SSLs (Security Sockets Layer) is the standard bearer for security online so much that Google has started to penalize sites for not having SSLs installed. Although having a SSL is simple, configuring your SSL can be a bit difficult for the novice webmaster. Use a SSL plugin to automatically detect settings issues on your site and edits these issues in real time.


Backup Plugins

For many of the same reasons mentioned above, having a backup of your website is an absolute must. Think of this as a disaster recovery plan. Install a plugin that takes routine copies of your website just in case an issue does arise. If this happens, you will not need to worry if your site can be recovered.


SEO Plugins

On-Page SEO can be overwhelming for novice webmasters, but plugins have been making this an easier process for years. Install a plugin that will guide you while writing titles, meta descriptions and creating redirects. This allows changes to be made without having to log into the cPanel or other webmaster portals.


Anti-Spam Plugins

Ah spam, every webmaster’s favorite notification. For as long as there have been blogs, there has been spam comments. These plugins will automatically cross reference comments with spam databases and removes any malicious comments, while also sending you a notification.


Optimization Plugins

Page speed is no joke in the SEO world today. Ensuring that your website loads in the preferred time by Google will increase your SEO prowess and improve the user experience. Choose an optimization plugin that pushes scripts to the footer, caches files and minifies HTML, CSS & JS files.


No matter which plugins you choose, be sure to test them with your website for any conflicts that they may create. Once you have determined that the site is conflict-free, these plugins will assist in automating management and free up time to focus on SEO and PPC campaigns even more.