Google Implements New Follow Feature for Search

Previously, Google released a feed feature that enabled users to receive topic-centric information at the touch of a button via Google results. Now, the latest addition to the feed-centric push from Google is the Follow feature in search results. What does this new Follow feature do for users and how can your business use it to your advantage to increase site visitors and search results?


Google has implemented a follow feature into their search results allowing users to create a feed based on the items they are interested in the most or want more information about. This is extremely important for any business in the B2B and B2C realm. Users can now easily search for their needed information and have a hot link back to their Google feed to continue to find even more relevant information. This is similar to some items implemented by Facebook and other social sites, but Google is the King of Search with over 100 billion searches per month. This makes research, decision making and staying up to date on the latest trends in an industry easier than ever.


Simply search something that you would like more information regarding, click the Follow button and receive the latest content regarding this topic. For example, here is the Game of Thrones Follow: (RIP Yara Greyjoy).



Now that the Follow feature is in place, how does this affect your business?


Content is even more relevant: We at Atria have preached for ages that quality content that informs the reader and/or eliminates pain points regarding the product/service is one of the best ways to improve search results and stay relevant. Now, it is also a great way to show up in even more search results, especially in the search results of a targeted audience that is looking for this specific type of information.


For example, a CIO may be looking for Data Center Design content. If your business is putting out valuable and noteworthy content focused on this industry, it is likely your content will show up in your target audience’s Google Feed. This increases brand awareness and improves the likelihood of improved lead results.


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