Atria Media was founded by a small business expert who has seen first hand the day to day struggles that businesses experience.  The most common pain among small businesses is the problem of getting a constant stream of new customers.

We’ve figured out the best ways to find, attract and convert new business through online marketing channels.   We are always looking at the market and adapting the the ever changing landscape in order to grow internally and pass that knowledge onto our clients.

Our team is comprised of a non traditional distributed workforce.  We keep our core team in our central offices near the silicone slopes of Utah, but utilize the best talent throughout the world in order to quickly deliver quality results while maintaining a consistent and pleasant experience for our clients.

We pride ourselves on delivering on what we promise and have nurtured a culture where each team takes the success of their clients personally.  When our clients succeed we share in the positive experience and know that each of us contributed and celebrate these moments.

Isaiah Peters
General Manager

Jose Romero
Director of Client Relations

Evan Van Dyke
Founder & CEO

Zac "The Wizard" Spencer
Director of Fulfillment

Nate Hadley
Director of Client Acquisition