AdWords Turns Local With the Location Extension

This past month, the Atria blog shifted its focus by directing your attention to Google Maps. Proper use of Maps, the post explains, can have a positive impact on customer interactions with your local brick-and-mortar store. A jump to Maps from AdWords isn’t far – their both Google holdings – but the extra effort can have a return on investment that’s definitely worth your while.

This week, our blog will jump back to AdWords itself and mention a new way that you can display local information in Google searches: the Location Extension.

What is the Location Extension?

AdWords wants to drive traffic to your business; the Location Extension means to do just that. When you add the extension to your campaign, it allows Google users to find information such as the distance to your location, your address and phone number, and other assets such as ratings and photos.

You can see details about creating campaigns with the extension at this AdWords Help page. In short, once you have created a campaign, you only need enter your Ad Gallery, select the Location Extension format, and enter your business assets.

When/Where Will Patrons Find You?

Here’s a simple example of when a Location Extension could come into play. You own a bicycle shop, and a nearby rider has a flat tire on his daily ride. He’s several miles from home (and from the nearest patch kit) but only half a mile from your shop. The rider’s search on his smartphone for “bike shops nearby” reveals your AdWords ad with the helpful information that you’re open today and only a quarter mile away.

His choice to visit your shop was a no-brainer. Your hours and location were clearly listed in the Google search, and his path to your shop was made even easier with the new extension.

Had the rider chosen to start his search on Google Maps, he could also have found your relevant information because the location extension works in the whole Google Display Network and its partner sites, such as Maps.

All in all, this extension reveals some simple information in a clearer format to users who want or need your local services. Atria is always here if you need help setting up new ads or converting your existing campaigns to use this new service. Contact us today!