Automated Adwords Management Vs. Manual Management

adwords-manual-bidding-automated-biddingOnline marketing is now stronger than ever. Millions of businesses now depend upon the conversions from searches online to meet goals and produce revenue. One of the most popular and successful ways to convert visitors and generate sales is PPC campaigns. These campaigns can be extremely successful, but what is the most efficient and effective way to run a PPC campaign. There are two methodologies used by marketers to create the best results. First, an automated adwords management (use of third party bid tools & Google Conversion Optimizer) and the second being manual adwords management by marketers. Which strategy will work best for your business’ PPC campaign? Learn the pros and cons of both adwords management strategies.


Manual Management

Manual management of a PPC campaign involves the altering of ads based on the performance increases and decreases seen live through Google Adwords. This involves human interaction with the campaign. These marketers are able to make small changes quickly and can evaluate success and failure quickly. This type of management enables your Adwords manager to be the master of your own fate and ensures automatic changes happen quickly.


The problem with manually managed campaigns is the time it takes to manage and execute changes for success. Adwords can be time consuming if manually managed. Manual updates also has limited segmentation options meaning that you are restricted with the testing of ads enabled.


Automated Adwords Management

Bet you can guess what automated adwords bidding entails? It is exactly as it sounds: Google & Bing provide an algorithm that enables your business to have automated management based of the analytic results. Not only can you manage your adwords campaign using tools from Google & Bing, but there are numerous third party programs available for management. Automated adwords management provides a vast variety of segmentation options and reduces the time spent managing the campaigns (although you still must check in and manage). This makes large accounts a breeze to manage while improving results. Although there are many benefits, if you do not already have traffic coming to your site it is best to focus on manual management. Another con of automated management is changes are not necessarily automated and if the account is not created correctly, large amounts of money can fly out the window.


So what is best for you? Depending on your situation a combination of both worlds is often the best option. Atria provides full-service adwords management that mixes the best of both worlds and provides the best results for your business. Learn more from Atria today!