Basic SEO Rules for Mobile Devices

mobile-seo-rulesAs many marketers know, mobile devices are taking over as the main format for search queries in today’s society. Although desktops are still a factor, fewer queries are coming from these location-fixed devices. This means that your business needs to be focusing on how to attract and convert potential customers using mobile devices. This starts with improving your mobile SEO tactics. But how is this different from your standard SEO tactics? Here are some basic SEO rules for improving query response on mobile devices.

Have a Responsive Website

If your website has not been converted to a responsive design, then you are truly behind the 8-ball. Google has threatened and now has begun to implement warnings and deductions in their algorithm to non-mobile websites. Google wants to bring the best quality content to their user in the most user-friendly way possible. If more searches and users are depending on mobile platforms, it follows that those with mobile-friendly content will receive the higher rankings.

Size Your H2 Tags

H2 tags are extremely important to search engines. Search engines use your titles and meta data to begin to categorize content, but your H2 tags help even further categorize content for relevancy. Having strong H2 tags is important, but be sure that your H2 tags are constrained to fit your mobile template properly. The H2 tag may be strong for SEO, but may be so long on your device that it causes the visitor to skip it entirely or bounce from the site. Find the happy medium and check your H2 constraints but right clicking and going to “inspect element”.

Reduce Image Size

Page speed is important on any device, but especially so for mobile devices that are using cell signal to download. The more images and large files attached to a page can cause the page speed to become slow. Large images may be attractive on desktops, but can look altered on mobile devices. As a rule, do not load images onto your page that are larger than 800px and keep the number of images minimal where possible.

Follow Other SEO Rules

Overall, the backend SEO rules you’ve been following all along will remain the same. These small items to remember will help give you the slight edge on those who may be behind on the trends. Be sure to check back and get more info regarding SEO and PPC strategies from Atria!

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