Best Adwords Extensions for Google Adwords

adwords-extensions-googleGoogle Adwords is one of the most popular marketing tools available on the market to reach and generate new customers and sales. Although it has been around for many years, it is constantly evolving and can be quite the bear to manage for those not researching the full abilities and results of adwords campaigns. Luckily, there are many extensions that can help beef up your Adwords campaign to be a more attractive ad space and improve results. Learn more about Adwords extensions that can boost the results your business receives from Pay-Per-Click Advertising strategies.


Map Extensions

You’ve enter the world of Adwords, sweet! But your ads are pretty plain jane. They give only the Meta Title and description you have implemented. How is that going to get customers into the store? It isn’t. Many ads are targeted to appear in specific local searches featuring keywords associated with the business. If a consumer searches for a local brewery and your add with no location, information or mapping shows up, what reason do they really have to click through with your add. Simple: None. Map Extensions such as location extensions, Google My Business and others help your business ensure the correct information is being provided to customers in that specific area. This can be especially important for those companies who have changed locations!


Call Extensions

Have you ever searched for a specific service, type of food or party area trying to figure out if they are open, what time they close or if they are running a sale? Most likely you end up searching for the phone number within the website or have to struggle through the SEO portion of search. Eliminate phone number searches and have your phone number top of mind with consumers by using Call Extensions for Adwords. Call Extensions enable businesses to add a phone number call to action to their ad online that prompts consumers to call directly. This is especially successful with Adwords Campaigns focused on mobile devices. Consumers can simply click “call” and begin to get the answers and order with your business!


App Extensions

Are you trying to promote your revolutionary app to consumers online? Make it easy for consumers to download your app by using a App Extension. Similar to the call extension app, app extensions enable businesses to create a call to action for consumers to easily download your product. They simply click the CTA and the phone will direct the consumer to the App Store on their device!


Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink Extensions enable businesses to add additional links to the bottom section of their ad. This is helpful for those who are possibly answer questions with their ads versus selling a product. Although, it can be beneficial to have sitelinks attached with products as these pages can answer pain points for consumers.

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