AdWords Management Case Study

Atria Media Group improves all metrics across Bioprocess H2O’s online marketing campaign


About Bioprocess H2O

  • Located in Portsmouth, Rhode Island
  • Wastewater treatment technology
  • Provides solutions to a wide variety of industries


  • Generate more leads
  • Lower CPC rates
  • Increase conversions
  • Increase website traffic

Why They Came to Us

Bioprocess H2O designs and installs water treatment, filtration, and reuse systems for a vast range of industries, including food and beverage, oil and gas, semiconductors, and aerospace.

Their products are the pinnacle of innovation, quality, and value. They are experts at putting together complex wastewater treatment systems for businesses.

But what they weren’t so good at, was using Google AdWords to generate a steady stream of leads for their company.

They had an AdWords account, but trying to manage it in-house wasn’t getting the results they had hoped for.

Too much money was being spent for little results.

They also had just got their website up and running but traffic was minimal and the quality was low.

They needed help fine tuning the site to boost conversions and rank highly in organic search, and realized this task was too complicated to handle successfully with their own staff.

Management at Bioprocess H2O knew they needed to hand their online marketing over to a company that specializes in PPC campaigns and SEO, to ensure they were getting the most exposure for their dollar.

And so, with this goal in mind, they got in touch with Atria Media Group.


Taking control

The first step Atria Media Group took to get Bioprocess H2O’s online marketing back on track was to conduct an in-depth audit of their existing strategies, and to explain how to improve it in a way that made sense to them.

Their management team were also impressed by the fact they didn’t have to sign any contracts with us, and could part ways at any time if they felt we weren’t providing value to their online marketing efforts.

The Numbers Say It All

Our Approach

Our game plan was to start with the same budget that Bioprocess H2O worked with prior to hiring us, and prove that we could achieve better performance, without having to spend more money.

We also made sure that conversion tracking was setup appropriately.

This ensured everything was being monitored with precision to gauge what was working, and what wasn’t, so we could report back to Bioprocess H2O with accurate key performance indicators (KPIs).


Future Growth

Conversion rates are steadily improving for Bioprocess H2O, and the quality of their traffic is better since Atria Media Group began managing their AdWords and SEO.

Management at Bioprocess H2O are impressed with the improvements in their marketing, and plan to continue using Atria Media Group to manage their campaigns in the future.

They’re currently focusing on making changes to their website, and have asked us to help them:

  • Improve appearance
  • Make the website more noticeable
  • Improve call-to-actions
  • Fix broken links
  • Optimize mobile response times