Capitalize on These SEO Opportunities in 2017

2017-seo-stategiesThe New Year offers a new start and fresh opportunities for your business and your online marketing strategies. With the use of online sources for B2B and B2C growing at astonishing rates, capitalizing on any and all SEO opportunities has become vital for all businesses. But what are some of the opportunities your business may be missing and can use? Review some of these SEO tips and discover how you can use often forgotten strategies to increase brand presence and convert more visitors into sales.


Internal Events

Is your business moving and shaking? Why not tell your site visitors and social followers about it? Use internal events as an opportunity to create a new and fresh blog post for your site. Did you just hire a new sales director or new interns? Let the world know! This will help potential customers get to know your business philosophy and feel as they have a relationship with your employees. Did your employees volunteer at a Habitat for Humanity home or help with the Salvation Army during the Holidays? These are 100% noteworthy on your website!


Guest Authors

Piggybacking off of the internal events above, choosing to have guest authors is a great way to create fresh content! Not only tell your customers about these new changes, let your employees tell the story! Have employees contribute as guest authors explaining their experience with your business and the events attended. This creates a stronger relationship with customers and may even attract a new type of lead to your site: potential hires.


Review Your Keyword Lists

As 2017 kicks off, now is the perfect time to sit down and review the results of your keyword and keyword phrase targeted lists. Review your success and failures and look for keyword phrases your competitors may be missing altogether. These keywords could offer improved conversion opportunities compared to other keywords that are being focused on and used by other businesses to attract leads.


Review Your Social Media Strategy

Not sure if your content is resonating with customers? Review your social media engagement and the number of conversions from social to your website. If the bounce rate is high and the time of page as well, it may be time to reevaluate the type of content your business is creating and find some new ideas like the ones listed above.

Start 2017 off with a bang. Contact Atria Media Group to learn more about SEO management plans and your SEO and PPC strategies can work hand in hand to create real results and success for your business.