Choose Content Topics to Best Convert Visitors to Leads

hands-typing-2Today’s consumer is now more educated than any potential buyer in history. More research and consideration is put into purchasing products and services than ever before thanks to the easy-reach of the internet. Over 81% of B2C and 90% of B2B consumers make their decisions from information online. Ensuring that information regarding your products and services is attainable and attractive to consumers then becomes an absolute asset. But what content actually converts website visitors into leads? Knowing who, the what and the how of your consumer is the difference between a stagnant blog post and a money-maker. Here are tips on how to choose the best content topics to generate sales and make your online presence a slam dunk.

Know Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is absolutely key. This consists of a profile of who your customer is: age, sex, employment, revenue and lifestyle. This may not be your actual “ideal client” but it is the reality of who you need to target online. Just because we wish to sell to a particular customer doesn’t mean that they are drawing revenue for the business.

What Are Their Questions?

Start your content curation with the most effective audience of your business. Take a look at this consumer and discuss what his or her pain points include. If you are able to alleviate pain points and answer their questions through helpful information, product reviews and testimonials, this can easily improve your business’ chances of turning a website visitor into a lead, buyer an evangelist for your business.

How Can You Resolve These

Here is the tricky part: writing content that answers questions and alleviates pain points without boasting or seeming like an advertisement. That is the critical difference between SEO management and Pay-Per-Click Advertising: PPC ensures that your business is showing up in the right searches of those already showing interest in a product thanks to research completed online by ninja-webmasters (like Atria!). Content creation for SEO use is put online with the hope that their helpful information is found through SEO tactics by the right target audience.Then your content must persuade and attract that customer. Both are effective ways to generate business and a mighty team when used effectively together.

Choose and Report Wisely

Now that you understand the background on how to choose topics, go forth and create! But what happens after that? Reporting. This is critical to success. You must be able to measure the strength, quality and reception of your content. This can be done in many ways, but one of the most effective is Google Analytics. This program allows you to track page clicks and where these page clicks are coming from. This can help you determine if your content is being posted to the correct places in social media, if your content is being clicked at all and if they are converting to other pages on your website. This enables you to put value to your content and understand the success and failures. Using this information you will be able to hone your content and help make it a well-oiled business making machine!

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