Does Your Company Need A Blog?

blog-for-business-seoToday’s consumer researches and buys at hyper speeds. If your company isn’t able to provide the answers, products and services that customers want quickly, they move on to the next potential provider. According to the NAR, over 89% of shoppers are now researching major purchases online before even considering who they will buy their product or service from. This means if you are providing answers to their questions, you’re business is being passed by. One of the best ways to provide this information is through blog posts on a blog. But why does putting this information out benefit your business? Learn more about the power of blogs today!


SEO King!

Search engine optimization is the name of the game when we are discussing how to improve business presence online. Your SEO rankings are determined by the content associated with your pages and are ranked based on factors such as relevance, helpfulness, keyword phrases and more. The more relevant information you have online about your products and services increases the relevance of your business. The quickest way to generate pages about specific topics is through a blog. A blog enables you to create posts that you can categorize by different topics, making it easy for the consumer to find the information they want.


The Crutch of Your Internet Marketing

Content isn’t just for your blogroll, it can be used as the basis of nearly all of your internet marketing strategy. Have some exciting news to get out about a product you carry or a service you provide? Consider creating a blog about this and channel this information through other types of marketing such as:


E-Blasts: If you have a strong email list, this can be the perfect way to reach out to already existing customers and draw them in for yet another sale.


Social Media: Reach existing customers from social media posts and new customers  through social sharing of your content.


PPC Advertising: Blog content can be a great source of PPC content for your PPC management company. If you content is truly something your customer desires, they will likely click on the content and generate a sale through lead nurturing.

These are just some of the benefits of a strong SEO management plan and content creation. Contact Atria today to create a cohesive and ROI driving SEO & PPC plan for your business’ growth today!