Conquer SEO Using YouTube & Amazon Strategies

amazon-youtube-algorithmBusinesses that are looking to compete online focus on search engine marketing strategies revolving around one search engine: Google. With millions of searches daily, it is easy to see why so many businesses put effort into their Google rankings, Although efforts with Google are an absolute must, there are other ways to compete online without having to push to rank for high level keyword phrases. Google is not the only game in the market for search results. Two of the most popular search websites are two that you likely visit weekly if not daily: YouTube and Amazon. With an immense growth in search queries yearly, having a strong strategy to manipulate and use these websites as SEO tools is a must. Learn how you can use the power of YouTube and Amazon to boost your rankings!


Use Keyword Phrases Relevant to the Site

Searches within these websites are now competing with the power of Google. What is the difference? The type of queries being searched on these sites. YouTube provides responses to questions about products, services and how-tos for consumers in a visual format, which has increasingly become the way customers wish to receive content. Creating How-To Videos or showing examples of how to use your product or services in a visual format will be searched for on the site and if you have the correct titles and metas on the video, it will be viewed and convert. These keyword phrases are going to be different than keyword phrases that you may use in Google SEO strategies. Instead of focusing on branded phrases a more likely successful query will look on the lines of, “How To Bake a Chocolate Cake.”


Choose Your Product Names Wisely

Product Names and descriptions are extremely important online for Google searches and YouTube, but are absolutely critical for Amazon searches. These variations can be the difference between sales and product ranking and being on page ten selling your product. 44% of consumers are going directly to Amazon to search for products and bypassing Google altogether. That means your product names must represent what your consumer may search as well as the description and categories. Be sure to think of variations of your product name to catch more consumers that know what they are looking for, but have not chosen a specific company to purchase from.


Be Sure All Online Information is Loaded

Nothing annoys consumers more than not having all the information to make a final decision. Be sure that your YouTube and Amazon profiles are filled out with necessary information such as your company website, your vanity URL for YouTube & Amazon, contact information, products available and more. Not only does this help the consumer make a final decision, but this type of information helps the websites rank your products. Don’t forget to push for reviews on these pages as well. The more information the consumer has to trust and depend on your business, the better.

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