Corporate Understanding Prior to SEO Strategy

Coming up with an SEO strategy can be done relatively easily if you use your resources properly. Luckily in this industry, we are all pretty open and honest about our tricks and tips; all you have to do is ask. Mix that with a little bit of independent research and creativity and you’ve got yourself a recipe for victory. But before you’re ready to set your strategy into motion, be sure you check these items off your list to ensure success.


Do you have a full understanding of your company?

The best place to start before you do anything else is making sure you have a full grasp on what exactly it is that your company does. Whether you’re a TPC or part of the in-house marketing department, be sure that you get it. Nothing is worse than wasting precious time and energy on something that misses the mark, especially when you go to present it to whoever needs to give it the green light…awkward. Ask yourself the following questions: What makes this company different? What is the company’s mission statement really saying? Why do we sell what we sell and how do we do it successfully? Where is our target? If you can answer those, you’re well on your way to getting yourself started!


Who exactly is your audience?

 This might seem like a given, but there are some very important factors to consider when developing exactly how you plan to execute your strategy if you want it to hit home with the people whose business you’re looking to acquire. How much do they already know about the product or line of business? Will they laugh in your face if you start with the basics, or will their eyes glaze over at the first hint of industry jargon?


How will you measure success?

The whole point of investing in marketing strategies is to grow your business. However growing your business can be subjective, and mean different things to different people, depending upon whom you ask. Naturally you’ll need to be communicating with the person who holds the purse strings, and find out what success will mean to them. Do they want to increase revenue? Do they want to gain notoriety in the industry? Do they want to increase organic search traffic? These are all things that can be measured in one way or another, but require varying strategies for achievement.

Overall, there are many factors to consider when embarking on an SEO strategy, and it is important to make sure you’re paying attention to the details. Time is money, money is money, and neither can go to waste.

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