The Core Pages to Any SEO Strategy Marketers Should Know

seo-landing-pageYour website is the revenue engine of your entire business, especially in eCommerce. If you are not paying attention to the core pieces of this engine, it is likely that things will begin to break down and lead to a reduced sales volume. Understanding which pages are the core pages of your site and how to optimize these for success can be the difference between minimal conversions and thousands of dollars in revenue. Learn more about the core pages of your SEO strategy and what makes them the best they can be!


First Things First, Every Page is a Landing Page

This is somehow not common knowledge, but from an SEO perspective, every page on a website is a landing page. If is part of your indexed pages, then it is a landing page. It is a page that serves the purpose to convert the visitor either to another page, submit information or purchase a product/service. This is part of the core definition of a landing page.


A good landing page captures the attention of the user, answers questions regarding needs and wants, replies to any relevant questions and provides solutions. If you have a page that does not manage these tasks, then it is not relevant to SEO and needs to be addressed.


Home Page

This is not only the face of your website, but it is the very first landing page your potential client will likely land on. This page should provide a global view of your product or service while providing easy, navigable access to additional landing pages. Be sure to focus on the overarching brand, not just one product or service. That is what supplementary landing pages are for..


About Us

Why is this page so important? This page tells the user about the core values of your business and more about the products and services provided within the company. This creates a more personal and relatable connection between buyer and seller which improves the likelihood of sales conversions.


Contact Us

This page can be extremely important. Not only does it provide the easiest way for consumers to reach your business, but can be very helpful in local SEO efforts. Be sure to provide all the necessary contact information and easy access to answers needed, but do not make it difficult to navigate. If it is difficult to navigate, then there is a good chance user swill bounce and thus reducing your SEO success using this page.


Blog Posts

These can be the best tool in your repertoire. These are focused pages that provide information about the products and services available to your clients that give the most detail about specific variations of uses. Be sure to include links to these products to continue clients through the landing page funnel towards closing.


These are just a few ways to improve your core page SEO success. Contact Atria today to learn more!