Customer Match, Remarketing Lists Assist Targeted Ad Placement

By taking advantage of AdWords’ Customer Match capability and its ability to handle remarketing lists, you can boost your performance in the Google Search Network with customers you have previously encountered.

Customer Match allows you to upload a list of customer emails, so you can target those individuals who have subscribed to your business before, such as through an email newsletter.

Likewise, AdWords can create remarketing lists based on criteria you specify, so you can create lists of users who have, for instance, visited your website but left without making a purchase.

Both these methods of targeted marketing give you more control over who sees your Search Network ads and which content you offer those select shoppers.

Customer Match

Using Customer Match is as simple as uploading a file. First, as the business, you must collect email addresses of users you want to reach – typically an audience that is unique for some reason, like their proven interest in a specific product you sell. Then you just upload that list of addresses to AdWords.

Once AdWords has your file, it will encrypt the list (if you haven’t done so already), save its email addresses to a Customer Match group, and mark the original file for deletion. Then you can select any existing or new marketing campaign to reach only those people in the group it just created.

This type of remarketing can help you connect with groups you know better than the general Search Network audience. Your group, as just one example, may be interested in a specific line of tools or shoes that you sell; most importantly, you know that reality before creating new ads, so you can use the facts to your advantage. The next time you want to promote a product sale or upgrade, be sure to reach Customer Match individuals with a heavy hand, and you may find increased conversions within that effort.

Remarketing Lists

Remarketing lists help your business target individuals who have visited your website before. Some of these people may not have purchased anything but may still be interested in your products, so you can reach them subsequent times to help gain a conversion.

This is also easy to get started. Begin your journey by tagging all pages in your website with this AdWords code. Then navigate AdWords to Shared Library -> Audiences. Click “+Remarketing list” to add a list and then “+Rule” to add rules. This process is similar to uploading a Customer Match list, which is shown in the link above.

Following the example above, you may want your initial list to contain visitors to the Shoe section of your site. Therefore, you can label it “Shoes” and add a rule such as “URL contains shoes” to begin collecting users. AdWords, in that case, will add any visitor to your new remarketing list who has reached a page on your site that has a URL with the word “shoes” in it. The site would fulfill such a qualification.

You can add multiple rules based on the conditions of your site’s URLs. By using conditions such as “contains” or “does not contain” in the rules menu, you can whitelist and blacklist the parts of your site your remarketing lists will scan.

Users added to these lists will remain active for as many as 540 days. You can change the default of 30 days to suit your needs, in accordance with how you want to reach your visitors. Customer Match lists have no expiration date, and you can use both Customer Match and remarketing lists to improve your marketing success across a wide range of customers and products.

Though the basics are simple enough to learn, the intricacies of these systems may begin to overwhelm even the savviest users.

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