Davidson Law
AdWords Management Case Study


Davidson Law is a criminal and ticket defense law office. They also practice family law and are located in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas. Matthew and James Davidson have a broad spectrum of legal services but knew they needed help marketing their practice. They had given Adwords a go with some results, but knew they could grow their business with the right partner.


  • Establish baseline cost-per-conversion
  • Increase leads and grow client base
  • Track phone calls
  • Maximize Adwords budget by getting as much impression share as possible
  • Save time spent on managing their Adwords account in house


  • Properly implemented conversion tracking as well as call tracking
  • Identified high cost keywords, ad groups and campaigns and eliminated waste
  • Found low cost per conversion keywords and bid more aggressively
  • Reallocated budgets to profitable campaigns
  • Fixed click-through-rates which were hurting quality scores and unnecessarily increasing costs
  • Launched remarketing campaign
  • Utilized new landing pages for higher quality scores and better conversion rates


Once Atria Media took over management and implemented proper conversion tracking, Davidson Law has seen a great return on their investment. During the first 3 months of tracking conversions:

  • Conversions increased from 9 to 506
  • Cost per conversion decreased 98%
  • CTR increase by 343%

davidson law conversion numbers