Effectively Choose the Best Social Media Outlets For Your Company


Social media is now a driving force for businesses try to compete in an ever-growing internet-centric market. 73% of Americans now report using social media on a regular basis and use social media to influence their purchases. Most businesses know that social media is important, but are lost when it comes to what and how to use social media to effectively reach the target audience most likely to becoming customers and evangelists for your business. Following these simple ideas and tactics can help you easily find the right social media accounts to use and what posts will pique the interest of your potential buyers.

Determine Your Target Audience

Understanding and building online content for your target audience is an absolute must for internet marketing success. Target audiences is a short profile of those actually being converted into buyers. This includes: age, sex, employment, family structure and any other determining factors that lead this person or company to purchase with your business.Knowing who your target audience is and what the pain-points are that you can alleviate will help guide and focus your social media marketing posts.

Know Where to Troll

This title is in jest, but having the knowledge of your target audience can make it much easier to know where your potential buyers are cruising social media. If your buyer is a 19 year old who loves cutting-edge technology and gadgets, Reddit may be a better option than Linkedin. But, if you buyer is a 40+ business executive, it is likely best to put most of your efforts into Linkedin versus other outlets. It is all about perspective and having a strong presence only on those relevant channels. Having accounts for these other social accounts is recommended, but putting your precious time and effort into only those producing buzz, website traffic and ROI is an absolute must.

Read Your Analytics

How do you determine what actually works? Using and understanding your analytics can help easily guide your posts to be more effective and attract more interaction. Analytics has become readily available on many social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google+. There are also many other paid options for analyzing success on multiple channels such as Hootsuite, HubSpot, Moz and more that are popular among those truly looking to boost their social reach. These accounts help determine if images, content, serious or funny posts are driving the most interaction and the most website visits for your company while being presented in a professional and easily understandable format.

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