The Facts: Why Use SEO to Boost Your Small Business

local-search-seoMany small businesses constantly hear about the benefits of a streamlined marketing plan including an emphasis on search engine optimization. Many preach the benefits, but many businesses are still weary of investing time and money into such a plan. This is very understandable since every marketing dollar spent is extremely valuable. But the facts are there: small business SEO is one of the best ways a small business can boost visibility and improve sales: Don’t just take our word for it: here are some of the most reputable businesses out there that back our methods of small business SEO.


12 Billion Searches Occur In the United States Each Month and 86% Say They Use Search Engines to Research Products & Services.


What does that mean for your small business? There is a great big world out there full of customers that are researching the products and services you provide. If you aren’t honing your website to reach those who are looking for a business like yours, you are missing out on major revenue growth.


Small Businesses That Prioritize Blogging Can See Up to 13x Improvement in ROI


Yep, these are real fiscal results that improve your bottom line. Research shows that if you put time and effort into your blog, more visitors will reach your site improving brand presence as well as lead generation.


Local Searches Lead 50% of Mobile Users to Visit Stores Within 1 Day


That means every other person who researches information about your business, products or services will be visiting your physical store. That pushes more leads and potential sales into your store boosting ROI.


88% of Consumers Are Reading Reviews to Determine the Quality of the Business

Review growth is now a big factor in search engine optimization. Consumers are searching for information on businesses like yours and take reviews posted online very seriously as these are often first hand accounts working with these businesses. Having a plan to promote review submission, manage submissions (whether good or bad) and using these as SEO powerhouses can bring even more sales into the door.

Still think you shouldn’t be putting money into your small business SEO strategy? Contact Atria and learn more about the possibilities to grow your business today. Let us convince you of the true worth!