Funnel Effective Content to Your Social & Email Plan

Many businesses know they should be creating content on a consistent basis, but often are dismayed by the fact that customers are not connecting with their information. They think, “Google told me if I did this, I’ll get traffic and sales!” Although quality content does lead to higher rankings, more traffic and thus more sales, choosing the correct content is more important than ever. But how can you tell if something will be a hit among customers and the social world? Here are some tips for choosing the type of content that is often viewed more often by customers and contacts.


Expert Insights and Resources

Nothing grabs the attention of customers than the authority of experts and respected resources. Industry experts that are known by consumers help give your content authority and respect and also can bring clicks from social posts if their name or image is mentioned in the context. Sending out eblasts that focus on this respected information can lead to more email conversions for the same reasons. Customers like to be reassured and nurtured when choosing to purchase a product or service. This is another way to help them along in the process.


Curate Content Using Discovery Tools

What is the latest buzz in your industry? Not sure than the regular hub bub? Change up your content by keeping up with the latest industry news using discovery tools. There are many content aggregators available that will keep you up to date on the latest industry findings, trends, research and data. Not only can this information inspire your business, it can generate new ideas for content that will reach out to customers via social media and eblasts.


Visuals are Key

It has been proven that visuals are far more effective than reading or listening. According to this study, people who hear information forget most of the information within three days, while over 60% of information is retained with visuals. Work on assisting your content with visuals that can increase the ability of your content to reach and stay with potential customers.


Use Case Studies

Show your customers actual results. Customers enjoy hearing from actual customers who enjoyed your product or service. This will enable your business to be seen in a better light with proven results.

These are just a few ways you can boost your content marketing strategy and life your national SEO plan. Contact Atria today!