Google Introduces A New Carousel: How Can You Use?

If you have been surfing the internet over the last few weeks, you may have noticed a new addition to the top of your Google searches. Google is constantly tweaking their search results for the best user experience and has added a new carousel to specific searches within the algorithm. This new carousel produces relevant search results in a visual format that enables users to one-click to the specific item they are searching for. Google has already announced high use of this carousel and is honing the search carousel to provide even better results.


The carousel works for specific and generalized searches. For example, if you are looking for one specific product, the carousel will generate numerous sources for this product. Here is a search completed by our team for Tilex Mold Remover. You will notice that it provides almost identical products, but listed by best rates and and results. If your business is a Google Trusted Partner (as seen for Restaurant Tory in the carousel) it is likely that your product stands a better chance of rendering. 

tilex Google Search.png


The new carousel works in a similar way with generalized searches. For example, when searching baby clothes, you will notice that instead of specific products, categories that can help assist your search are rendered. baby clothes Google Search.png


This helps users who may want to buy something for a person, but is not sure what type of clothing to purchase yet. The consumer may pick infant bodysuit and then receive a list of sites with infant bodysuits. This provides an easier search experience and can be a useful tools for companies to compete in new search results. Infant bodysuit Google Search.png


How Can My Business Compete?

Here are some simple steps to show in these results.

  1. Compete Meta Tags: Descriptions and titles of all products can assist in search engine resutls.

  2. Alt Tag Completion: Be sure you have descriptons and tags for all images

  3. Provide helpful information for consumers on the product page.

  4. Create content associated with these pages.


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