Google May Have Dropped Major SEO Changes

google-updates-seoAnother day, another Google update. This seems to be the latest trend in the SEO industry no matter what your company is online. Google continuously works to improve their search engine algorithm to provide the highest quality search results for consumers available. This means that marketers and business owners must continue to stay up to date on the latest Google updates. Today, there are rumors circulating and some already seen impacts of these Google updates that have occurred in the last week. Although Google has yet to confirm or deny these changes, many believe that these two new updates have occurred and we will hear an announcement from Google shortly. Get ahead on your updates by taking again on these two updates.


Google Core Ranking Update

This includes the absolute essentials of SEO. It may be little, but almost of core algorithm updates from Google mean that how they are perceiving what your business is posting online is changing. One of the biggest changes to the core ranking algorithm was the change from being keyword based to keyword phrase based. Although we don’t expect for this update to be near as earth shattering, it is still something that should be noticed. Check your search rankings and see how they have changed over the last couple of weeks and you are likely to find the changes that Google has made.


Google Local Quality Update

Say adios to local SEO stuffing. There was a large influx of spammy local search information being added to sites to specifically target certain searches which gave little to no actual help to the consumer. This means that these local search results are dropping dramatically and authentic results are being boosted by Google at a new rate. Ensure that you are not focusing on stuffing local searches, but instead putting out your business’ great information and products for actual sales.


What Can You Do

With all of Google’s recent updates and changes, businesses can easily become overwhelmed trying to figure out what is the best route for their online success. In reality, all of Google’s recent changes go back to one core value: providing the best, quality content to answer questions and pain points consumers may have. So, if you are focusing on providing relevant, quality content that targets your specific consumer, it is likely the Google algorithm will work in your favor and your business’ SEO strength will grow. Content has been and likely will always be king.

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