Grab That Top Search Results Spot with Ads


A big change could soon arrive at search results across the globe, and your business could be intimately involved.

According to an article at The SEM Post, Google is now testing the appearance of four Adwords-generated advertisements above its organic search results. For all you experienced marketers in the house, you know that this change could give you one more space for your features and that you will want to bolster your keyword lists and campaigns to take advantage of this opportunity.


The Importance of Keywords


First, remember that your keyword lists are the lifeblood of your marketing campaigns. Every group of five to 20 keyword groups should remain specific to your business, products, and services, so you can grab the most relevant customer views and make the most of your advertising dollar.

Adwords allows you to attach specific keywords and keyword phrases to your ads. Depending on your goals, you could combine the words “Adwords,” “marketing,” and “group” into phrases such as “Adwords marketing group” to make sure that only your intended audience will trigger your ads. A recent post at Atria specifically points out the power of the long-tail keyword to boost your rankings in search results.

To be even more specific, you can also categorize those keywords and phrases into “broad match,” “exact match,” and “keyword match” types. Each type has its own power and purpose that you should study and become familiar with.


Keyword Planner and Display Planner


This news also marks a good time to hone your skills with the Adwords Keyword Planner and Display Planner. Keyword Planner can be found in your Adwords dashboard. It assists you by generating keywords and ad group ideas relevant to your marketing aims. It shows  you which keywords will work best and how you can maximize your budget by improving potential clickthrough rates.

In addition, Display Planner can help you organize your campaigns even further by providing ideas about which populations you may want to target. Its breakdown of specific populations also encroaches into the territory of Keyword Planner by making sure you have a set of proper keywords in place.

Overall, it is important to get these basic elements of marketing construction correct. This is what can allow your ads to reach potential buyers, and now that there is another top spot among the search results elite, you should have even more incentive to hone your skills and tighten control over all your current and future Adwords campaigns.

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