Gravity Threads



Gravity Threads is a trade company with a one stop shop ecommerce store. They sell clothing accessories, blankets, trinkets, wallets and purses, eyewear, beanies, scarves, gloves and sports caps. They focus on bringing the hottest merchandise at an affordable price with reliable quality.


  • Reduce cost per conversion to $25 or less
  • Maximize Adwords budget by getting as much impression share as possible
  • Save time spent on managing their Adwords account in house.


  • Identified high cost keywords, ad groups and campaigns and eliminated waste
  • Found low cost per conversion keywords and bid more aggresively
  • Reallocated budgets to profitable campaigns
  • Launched remarketing campaign
  • Segmented Google Shopping Campaign in order to better bid optimize based on product margins
  • Fixed click-through-rates which were hurting quality scores and unnecessarily
  • increasing costs


The data sets below show 3 months of Atria Media’s management versus the 3 months prior under Gravity Thread’s management.

  • Decreased cost per conversion by 70% in the first quarter
  • Increased conversions by 73% in the first quarter
  • Increased Click-Through-Rates by 89%

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