Why Image Metas Are Important to SEO

SEO is something that takes up a large portion of marketing strategy and budgets due to its necessity to stay relevant within specific industries. We create content that users are looking for to answer questions, pain points and nurture visitors into sales. Marketers create websites that are UX friendly and are responsive to all devices. Companies focus on creating Metas that will assist in creating clicks and helping search engines register information. But there is one small portion of the process that often is neglected when building  your SEO strategy: Images.


When uploading images to a website, marketers are often in a hurry and trying to get their content live as quickly as possible. This causes us to sometimes focus on the metas for the content, while forgetting the visual content that resides on the page with its own metas as well. Often this leads to images with titles, ALT Tags and descriptions similar to “1319334kskdfe834” which have no positive results for SEO. But why is this an important addition to your steps to SEO success?


Google Image Search

Many consumers not only search for information via standard content, but visual content as well. This can be extremely beneficial for retailers selling items such as shoes, bathing suits and many other types to B2C products. Consumers may enter a search into Google such as “yellow polka dot bikini” into their Google Images search. If your image on your site is properly tagged, there is an increased chance that your image will render as well as link back to your page on the site. This can increase site traffic and potentially lead to more sales.


Images Are Content Too

As mentioned above, images are considered content on your site just as much as pages. Each image on your site is registered and rendered by Google in their algorithm. This can be an opportunity to rise above the competition in search results because your business took the time to properly categorize and tag each image on your site. As the mantra goes, the more Google has to review, the more chances you have to grow your organic search.


Habits Lead to Success

Getting into a pattern of properly categorizing, tagging and naming information associated with your website is an excellent way to ensure that your site has the maximum opportunity to reach SEO goals. Putting in the little extra effort can go a long way and reduces possible errors on the site. If you have multiple people adding content to your site, it is a good idea to sit with your team and explain, taxonomy, categorizing and potential benefits of SEO. Set up a plan of action and protocols for adding content to your site.


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