Improve Your Local Search Reach Today with These 4 Must-Do’s

Building a brand presence online and showing up in correct local searches is becoming an immediate concern for all businesses in the new internet-centric business world. Today over 81% of B2C shoppers and over 90% of B2B transactions begin their decision-making process with an online search. If your business isn’t in the correct queries, you are unlikely to be found by your target customer. This leaves large amounts of revenue left on the table and can be the nail in the coffin for your business. Having a solid website, a combination of strong SEO tactics and Pay-Per-Click strategy is only half the battle. Organic search queries are now showing far different search results on page one than in previous years. How can your business beat the beast? Here are some tactics that your business must implement to improve your search rankings quickly and effectively.


Audit Your Current Directory Information

Online directories such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Local and Google Business are becoming more and more influential in search results online. Google has implemented changes to its algorithm that force directories to the top of local searches. Making sure that your business is listed on each of these directories as well as providing the correct information can be the difference between a website click or a phone call to your business. Try to revisit the information on these pages once a month for quality assurance.


Curate Reviews on Directories

One of the major factors on what businesses show up in these new local searches is based on the number and quality of reviews a business has on each site. Brainstorm and think of ways to have customers return to these pages and provide information about their experiences. Incentives such as coupons or future purchase free items are great ways to incentivize customers to promote your business. Print marketing can help boost reviews. Put stickers of preferred directories on your front door and near checkouts. Lastly, remember that Google loves when businesses use Google products like Google Local; push for Google local reviews for improved presence.


Audit Website Meta Titles and Descriptions

If you wish to show up in local searches, local area names must be a part of your content. For example, writing a blog post regarding the “Best Sandwiches in the Northwest” may be intriguing to some, but you are now competing for ranking with a region versus a specific area. Consider updating your title and description to focus on the “Best Sandwiches in Downtown Salt Lake City”. This title tells Google that your information about sandwiches is specific to the Salt Lake City area and will likely be shown to people searching for that specific topic. This targets your audience and improves your conversion rates and ROI.


Consistent, Custom Content

One of the most effective ways to improve the number of search queries your website is noted for is to consistently create custom content that your target audience will find helpful and informative. This creates for pages for Google to crawl. Combining more pages with targeted meta titles and descriptions is a simple and cost-effective way to improve your local and overall SEO strength.
Using these tactics as part of your monthly SEO efforts can help boost your online presence quickly and with minimal labor. Ready to start creating a strong internet marketing plan focusing on local marketing tactics? Atria Media Group is a full-service Utah Pay-Per-Click Management company and Local SEO Expert  ready to help create a strategy to effectively strengthen your online presence. Chat with Atria today!