Incorporate Improved SEO Tactics into your Content Strategy

Are you consistently creating content, but feel that you are throwing information into an online abyss? Are you hoping that using keywords and random topics will work? Guess what? That is a strategy that will provide you zero results most likely. Businesses cannot create content without a solid strategy. To see quality traffic and leads, your business must strategize content around solid SEO tactics to properly increase results. Each post must provide useful information that readers want, but also consider SEO necessities. A good content strategy can directly result in increased sales and leads. But how do you find the happy medium between good content and SEO? Here are the considerations your team must take into account when finding the balance between content creation & SEO results.



Define Your Topics

Bet you think this means keywords? You would be wrong. Keyword research alone cannot hold a SEO strategy together. Understanding the brand’s goals, purpose and products is the first step to SEO success. Providing readers with unique information and expertise for your verticals will desire. Focus on this specific content and provide multiple blogs focused around that expertise area. You content will be knowledgeable in this area and bring authority to your website.


Who Are You Targeting?

Who is your buyer? What are their concerns? What is their spending budget? What is their typical lifestyle? These will affect the content you create to target your personas. Look at your current customers and attain this information and discuss what targeted audience you may be missing with the existing campaigns. Look at your competitors to see if they are latching on to one area that you may be able to attain as well. Surveys are also a great way to attain new information to hone your strategy as well.


Keywords, Appropriately

Content should be based above the two conditions above, then keywords. Keyword research used organically when writing can be beneficial and increase strength. Take broad search terms and then narrow these down by services, specific products, and questions customers ask.


There are numerous tools to check the strength of keyword phrases and can assist in your journey, but be sure to go with the first two points above as your compass to start.


Smart Optimization

Use proper categorization methods such as a concise meta description, H1s and H2s where properly need and of course, a smart publishing schedule.