Why Are Keywords Changing So Fast in SEO Results?

Marketers and companies alike have noticed a shift in search results across the internet for consumers. SEO is an organic and ever-changing beast, but staying up to date on the changes to search engine algorithms is an absolute must for businesses trying to stay competitive online. The recent shift is search results has emphasized new keyword language that may have not been considered as prosperous “long-tail keyword searches” in the past. Discover why the algorithm is putting so much weight on these results as well has what your business can do to cash in on the latest growth in organic search.


Speak-to-Search Technology

We all have seen the commercials for the latest technology from Google & Amazon. Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa are taking the world by storm. Although many laugh at the technology and the funny videos on Youtube, this technology is being used by more and more consumers each day. It is not just home searches either; iPhone’s Siri is becoming more more sophisticated and has even been added to Apple Computers.


This in turn changes the way consumers are actually searching for products. They are no longer typing searches into a computer. The way consumers type and speak are completely different even if it is done subconsciously. This means that millions of new searches are now articulated in new ways. Long-tail keyword phrases are now becoming full sentences and longer in dictation. To assist with this, Google has put a larger emphasis on content within a page versus the verbatim long-tail keyword phrase.


What Can My Business do to Compete?


  • Create new content: Things change in the SEO world, but one thing is always a constant; helpful and purpose-driven content is a necessity. Creating content that will assist consumers in making purchasing decisions on specific products or services boosts the likelihood that your business will start to show up in these new searches.
  • Review long-tail keywords: If your business has been focused on the same keywords for the last few years with no results, it is extremely likely that your company needs to sit down and analyze your target audience online as well as content being created. If these two are not aligning, then it is common for businesses to not gain traction in new searches.
  • Create a long-term plan: As Atria said above, SEO is constantly changing. Creating and sticking with a long-term SEO plan for national and local SEO services is essential. Having goals and reviewing results is one of the best ways to stay on track with the latest changes and trends in SEO.

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