Link Building Tips for eCommerce Websites

Running an eCommerce site can be an extremely competitive field and improve marketing results is at the forefront of every owner’s mind. Improved presence online in search results increases the likelihood of sales, which is why so many businesses pay attention to their SEO results. One of the best ways to improve your search ranking is through link building. Link building can be intimidating to some, but with a common sense approach and the use of eCommerce minded tactics, businesses can easily improve their link building strength and overall search rankings.


Promote Your Quirky & New Products

Do you have a edgy new product or something that turns the eye of consumers? Market these items heavily in social media. There are numerous articles and studies showing that consumers click these catchy items more so than a standard post. This increases the strength of your link and drives more traffic to your website. For example, a BBQ company recently introduced a new product days before Black Friday. Thanks to social media posts, this product is selling with ease online and therefore building the new link strength.

Social Influence & Brand Ambassadors


Social media ads are seeing a slight downtick, especially with millennials who have become very cynical about sponsored ads and big-box names. But at the end of the day, your business still needs to find a way to promote itself on social media. A great way to do this is to reach out to industry influencers and provide them with an incentive to mention or feature your product on their website. If you provide a food or drink, reach out the culinary influencers in that particular field and ask that they sample your product. If they agree and feature you on their site or social account, this creates a new backlink to your products, improving your SEO.

Another way to approach this would be through brand ambassadors. This is extremely popular in the clothing industry. Attain influencers who agree to rep your products while doing what they do and mention your business. This will likely attract your target audience to research and learn more about your product without a spending money on PPC or hours writing content.

The Power of Video


Studies have shown that nearly all age groups respond and view products at longer rates when a video of the product is featured in social media. Product videos are easy for viewers to enjoy and provide additional information about your product that may be missed in a print version of your product description. This comforts the consumer even more and increases the actual sales on average.

These are just a few out of the box ways to improve your links to your eCommerce site. Contact Atria today to learn more about these tactics and SEO strategies.