Link Building Tips Using Social Media

Any person who knows how to work a computer understands that social media is linked to our daily life decisions and buying choices. Our culture now turns to social media to find products, services and to get opinions on these options. This has made social media an integral part of link building online for SEO results. Although some would argue that social backlinking has little effect on SEO results, over 77% of marketers believe that it does alter Google’s algorithm. With such overwhelming belief is social backlinking, it is important to have your social accounts as part of your SEO plan. Here are tips to use social media to gain link building opportunities for national SEO marketing.

Links In Social Profiles

This may seem commonplace, but many social media managers forget to add direct links back to their website in social media accounts. Many social platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter have a section in the about area specifically to add this link. Linkedin even has a section where you can add individual blog posts to your Linkedin account for easy access. Every time someone is viewing your social profile and clicks to a site page, this is creating a link for your website. This is a simple and easy way to improve your link building with minimal effort.


Be sure to add these three things as a standard:

  • Your website link in the website field under Contact and Basic Info on your About tab;
  • Your website URL anytime you post something on your wall, including images and videos;
  • A link to your website to your group’s pinned post.

One of the main struggles of SEO and content marketing is getting people to see content. It’s no surprise that given the plethora of content online, it’s hard to find the audience that your articles will be relevant to. So here are some essential tactics for content promotion.

  • Make sure your text is readable. User Experience is on the biggest reasons users bounce from your site.
  • Keep content evergreen. Choose relevant topics that you can update going forward.
  • Send your content to relevant communities in your industry and industry influencers.

Viral Content

If making content viral was easy we would all be doing it! We’ve talked about making content viral and eye catching but what tips can help boost these to new heights?

  • Aim for the right audience: if you are sell something to a demographic that uses Linkedin vs. Facebook, write content they are interested in and post in the correct platform.
  • React in Real Time: Write fresh, relevant content as the news is occurring, not weeks after. This will keep you relevant and top of mind for the latest news while improving the likelihood your content will be shared.


These are just a few ways you can improve your link building tactics. Follow Atria’s blog for the newest updates!