Maximize Clicks With This Automatic Bid Strategy

This week, Atria will give you a quick rundown on the Maximize Clicks type of AdWords automated bidding strategy. You should take a few minutes to read the previous post about automated bidding if you haven’t done so already. There’s no time to waste, so let’s get started.

What is Maximize Clicks?

Simply put, this bidding strategy helps you grab the most clicks possible of your AdWords campaigns. You can use it as either a standard or portfolio bid strategy – meaning you can apply it to a single campaign or many – and help increase website visits while remaining within a target spend limit.

To remain within a set budget, it can use a target spend for a single campaign or will use the remaining daily budget you have declared for your entire account. It also knows how to apply itself during certain days, such as M/W/F, and times of day, such as between the hours of 11 a.m and 3 p.m, that you can manage in your ad scheduling tab (a bit more on that in future weeks, so stay tuned).

Why Should I Use This Strategy?

Take this hint from a recent post at Business2Community: “an advertiser shouldn’t make changes to a campaign which doesn’t align to the end-goal or desired behavior from a consumer.” Like Atria mentioned before, your success will follow your goals. This strategy can work for the goal of driving traffic to your site, so when you decide that you need more traffic, you can find success here.

Search Engine Land has commented that marketers can take advantage of extra clicks when they have a sale or promotion taking place. Gathering an indiscriminate number clicks may not always work as a long-term strategy, but it has a lot of potential to deliver results when applied in select situations. Do you have a campaign ready for your next promotion?

How Should I Get Started?

Set the maximum cost-per-click bid limit for any keywords, ad groups, or campaigns associated with this bid strategy. Assuming for the scope of this post that you only want to use a single campaign, take a look at that campaign’s keywords and ad groups. You want to drive visitors to your site, but you don’t want to max out your budget too quickly. Remain conservative at first; then make changes to your best- and worst-performing keywords.

You will also want to set your target spend limit, the total amount of money available for any campaign per day. AdWords will work within that target spend and stick within your daily overall budget while trying to maximize your clicks.

If you haven’t yet considered how AdWords will promote your next campaign, Atria can help you make that decision. You may land on Maximize Clicks as your strategy of choice. Just remember that this is one of many. Next time: the Target Search Page Location strategy.