National Software Brand Launch SEO Case Study


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This non-profit organization came to us with a well developed set of accounting lessons that they wanted to provide for free to the public. The software included videos, homework, tests, etc.


  • Launch brand & build consistent traffic and software downloads from organic traffic


Our strategy included three main components: influencer outreach, social media interaction, and content. We began our work with initial on-site SEO work (title tags, meta descriptions, h1 text, content optimization, canonical URL’s, etc.) and influencer outreach.  Almost all of the traffic and software downloads at the beginning came from our outreach efforts. Through the next year we continued to build their content while working to build links from relevant influencers. We also maintained a strong interactive presence on social media platforms throughout the year.


The results below are of National Software Brand Launch’s quarter over quarter traffic under Atria Media’s services in 2014.

graph 1
graph 2
graph 3

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