Optimize Your Landing Page Experience

effective-landing-pagesAll across the Atria Media Group blog, you will find information about how to improve your advertisements and how Adwords handles those ads’ associated keywords. Maybe you know enough to master those tasks. But how does your website look?

Seriously. How does it look? How does it feel? Is it easy to use?

If your ads point to your website, then that landing page must impress Google in order for you to be successful in marketing campaigns. Adwords defines this as the “landing page experience”; it demands that you have original content, explanations of products and services, easy navigation, and quick page load times. If you don’t measure up, Adwords won’t lead viewers in your direction.

Original Content

Google names a number of ways in which it determines whether or not your content is ready for prime time. Automated and human-driven methods match the text on your landing page with the ads you propose to get people there. Think back to Atria’s post about creating great keywords: If you want to use “2x4 lumber cherry wood” as a (specific) keyword, your landing page better explain that you manufacture, carry, surface, deliver, or otherwise handle lumber. Otherwise, Google will notice your discrepancy, and the jig will be up.

Provide Details

When customers look for your contact information or want to discover the purpose of your business, they don’t want to weave themselves through a maze. You can help those searches by being forthright about your company. Just as you want to describe your use of lumber as a product, it is important to make sure that readers know exactly how you were founded and what you might do with personal information a customer lends to you, such as an email address or phone number. Customers – and Google – will trust you, but only if you look like a stand-up guy.


This cannot be understated: Make it easy to navigate your site. Again, if your contact information or product details are buried under a dozen links, it becomes tedious to try to find it. Sure, you want to prioritize your content and face the most important text and images forward. After that, keep everything else within a virtual arm’s reach.

Loading Time

Finally, make sure you keep your pages optimized for speed. A page that loads quickly is a user’s best friend (a relevant one is his next best). Show your audience that you care about its mobile data caps and its users’ collective sanity by keeping large images to a minimum and by paring down your Javascript and advertisements. A bloated site that holds all the correct information will not attract viewers; they will leave before you have had a chance to speak. Please, for everyone’s sake, keep things brief and clean.

Stay tuned for a deeper explanation of what Google defines as restricted content. It isn’t difficult to keep your pages clear. Still, you will need to know the guidelines to keep your pages from being suspended.

I  hope you found value in this article. Stay tuned for more tips coming your way.

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