Page Speed’s Impact on Your Business’ SEO

website-page-load-speedsSearch Engine Optimization contains numerous moving parts and is affected by a multitude of instances online. Google and other search engines are making a conscious effort to bring the end-user the best and most productive information available online to their fingertips. But this does not just include your content. SEO is also affected by your website itself. One of the newest and critical factors of your website SEO strength is page load speeds. Why does Google care so much about how fast your pages load? Learn why it is critical to your SEO success and how to fix page load speed issues here!

Slow Load, High Bounce Rates

If your website loads too slowly, consumers will not wait around for it to render. Consumers are looking to purchase products and find information quicker than ever. Slow loading speeds on essential website pages triggers Google to see your site as unhelpful to consumers, triggering their algorithm to possibly lower your SEO ranking for that page. The average page load speed for e-commerce websites is 4.33 seconds. Is your site slower? Here is a likely culprit.

Non-Mobile Friendly Websites Have Slow Load Speeds

If your website has not been updated to a responsive, UX friendly design, you are likely to be affected by poor load speeds. Standard websites that do not have conversion tools for tablets and phones take longer for processors to render, causing load speeds to become higher.

Even many “m.” website versions have a slower load speeds. although the website can render to a mobile-friendly imagery, it does not load as quickly as a responsive website.

Too Many Heavy Plugins, CSS, and Java

These can slow a processor down, causing your load speed to be slower. Be sure your information is minified for optimization.

How Can I Fix This?

Implement A Responsive Website Design

If your website is not mobile-friendly, consider a updated design that can be easily manipulated by tablets and smartphones. Increasingly, consumers are choosing to use these platforms to make their purchases, meaning that your old website will be left in the dusty.

Have a Responsive Website?

Google has a page load tool available for businesses to check and find their page load issues. Not only does the tool break down the mobile issues, but describes desktop issues as well. Plugins, javascripts and CSS issues will be explained and helps your business to begin cleanup of your website. A webmaster can help you fix these issues and speed load times.

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