Prep for 2018 with These Marketing Tips!

We are nearing that time of year that the office is quiet: Thanksgiving, Christmas and the week after Christmas are when clients and colleagues are likely on vacation and not clamoring for your attention. If your office is as peaceful as the one pictured here right now, check out these suggestions for using this quiet time to get a head start on marketing for 2018!

Review 2017 Success

It can be difficult to find the time to sit down and review what progress you are making with specific campaigns or strategies. Use this time to sit down and review items that specifically create and nurture prospects and leads produced by your internet marketing efforts. Spend time on items such as:

  • Social media messages that produced engagement and website traffic
  • Blog post success
  • Call-to-action conversion rates
  • Landing page conversion rates
  • Email click rates

Recognizing strengths and weaknesses in these specific areas can help you hone your strategy as well as generate more website traffic and leads.

Create New Content

This week is a great time to focus on actually creating your content! Get ahead and write some upcoming blog posts and content offers that you can implement starting in the New Year. Getting a head start on your content marketing can set your company up for success in 2015. In addition to getting ahead, if you complete some of your blog posts and content offers this week and miraculously have free time in the future, you can add even more content to your amazing internet marketing strategy!

Update & Create Lead Nurturing Emails

This is a great time to update your email content, switch out calls to action for A/B testing, and review email subject lines.  If you have taken the time to create content offers, go ahead and create your lead nurturing (follow-up) emails for these offers. Taking the time to revisit this portion of your lead nurturing process can improve open rates, click rates and submissions.