A Quick Look at Impression Shares

In order to master the AdWords platform, you must understand both how to create ads that will reach the public and how to fine tune your campaigns so they are efficient. Part of the fine tuning process is reading the metrics that AdWords provides regarding the performance of your efforts. This week, Atria will talk about the “impression share” metric and how you can optimize your campaigns according to its feedback.

What is an Impression Share?

An impression is counted whenever a user views your ad on the Google search network. Its “share” is calculated when you consider the total impressions you have received compared to the possible impressions you could have received. The whole calculation looks like this:

Impression share = actual impressions / potential impressions

In live auctions, your campaigns will fail to beat competitors for a number of reasons: lower ad quality, insufficient budget, lower-ranking suitability for customers. Therefore, it is understandable that the outcome of this calculation will be less than a one-to-one comparison. You can reach for the stars, though, by fine-tuning your efforts.

How to Boost Your Numbers

You can find the impression share of any campaign by navigating this path in your AdWords account:

Campaigns -> Columns (then click “Modify Columns”) -> Competitive Metrics (then add the impression share column) -> Save

This will add the “impression share” column to your statistics table, which you can view by downloading a report in that same area of the AdWords interface. If you want to improve your values, you can then employ several practices that may be within your grasp.

  1. Increase your campaign budget and your bid to compete with other high-paying bidders
  2. Decrease your regional targets, or increase them and compensate with a higher bid
  3. Improve the quality of your ads with strong keywords and a well-developed landing page.

The Takeaway

When you download your statistics, understand that small fluctuations in impression scores don’t always indicate that your ads need to change. If you see a sharp drop in percentage over weeks and months, however, it may be time to rethink your strategy. If you have the money, you can pour more dollars into your advertising fund, but a pile of money is no substitute for high-quality ads.

Atria can help you better understand how to interpret your impression shares. It can also get your campaigns into a position where they can perform well on a regional and national level. Dig into these statistics to get an idea of where you stand, and then give Atria a call when you want to jump that next hurdle.