Rankings Vs. Leads for SEO

Online marketing & SEO are in constant flux and often the end goal is in constant change as well. At the very least, it is often unclear to businesses what the end goal should be with SEO and online marketing. The question for many businesses is should they focus on leads or rankings. Reading online can make it difficult to see which is more important to your business’ end goals, but in reality there is only there is only one simple answer: leads. Why is this so much more important than rankings and other SEO factors? Find out here.


Rankings Don Not Equate to Sales

At the end of the day, ranking number one doesn’t necessarily lead to sales. It may give you the warm and fuzzies to see your website at #1 in a search result, but the visitor still will be clicking on your link and looking to receive information and benefits to your products and services. If you don’t please the visitor with this information they will bounce from your page and continue down the page researching through the rest of the results.


Even if you have that solid content, it is likely that visitors will continue to research on at least a few other pages before making a final decision. This means that all your effort to reach #1 can sometimes be for not. Putting effort into helpful, resourceful and thoughtful content that will engage your visitors to see you as an expert in your industry can be all the difference for your leads and sales.


Do Rankings Really Matter

Here inlies the problem with SEO. The answer is yes and no. Although being #1 in rankings has lost most of its prowess, it is still important to show within the first page of your rankings for long-tail keywords so potential clients and sales can find you easily and improve your brand presence. The best way to improve these rankings is not by generating tons of content, but by creating meaningful content that will engage consumers. If your content meets the par, more people will delve deeper into your site and share among friends, which will help your SEO. The more this happens, the more your rankings will climb organically and your content will begin to show in the keyword searches that matter.


What Metric Should You Focus On To Improve Leads

What metrics should your business be looking at to improve lead generation in your analytics? These metrics can be extremely useful when deciding if your business if focusing on the correct content to produce leads.


Click Through Rate (CTR): Your click through rate (CTR) is very important because it tells you how many users are actually clicking through to your website when you show up in searches and how many people are continuing throughout your website. This metric can tell you how effective your content really is and if your site is optimized for leads and users.


Not sure if your click through rates (CTR) is optimized for rankings and national SEO success? Contact Atria today to learn more!