Grow Your Business With Our AdWords Management

More than likely you’ve tried running Adwords or Bing Ads yourself…and lost money.  So why are you looking at our services?  You know your competitors are getting business from online traffic.  You just need help. Your business can get great returns with the right team and the right strategy.

Partnering with Atria Media will get you access to a group of the industries most tenured veterans.  Our team has been working in Adwords since the beginning days of PPC.  We know what a good account looks like, we know the tricks and we know how to make you money.

Benefits Included In
AdWords Management Plans


We’ve found that small businesses’ have to be smarter than their competition to succeed.  When it comes to pay per click management it’s better to be specialized.  Our Adwords and Bing teams are hyper focus on their craft which enables them to always stay ahead of the curve.


Measurable Results

Whether sales are being done in your store or over the phone we utilize a combination conversion tracking methods to ensure the traffic we send to your site is making you money. If you aren’t measuring your traffic in terms of ROI you are missing out on valuable data that can turn your online marketing efforts from negative to positive.


No Contracts

Most agencies lock you into a 6 month contract. Why? Because they aren’t confident in the results they can deliver for you.  We are!  If you don’t think we are cutting it, you can give us the boot whenever you want.



You want to know what’s going on with your marketing.  We regularly report to you on what we’ve done, why you’re getting results and what are plans are moving forward.
You’ll always have full access to your own Adwords account
We have monthly strategy calls with our clients to discuss your results with your dedicated account manager


What Your AdWords Management Services Comes With

Quality Scores
Learn what a quality score is, how Google calculates it, and how to improve your quality score. By improving your quality score, you will start showing up higher on the page at a lower cost, leading to big savings.
Conversion Tracking
Having proper conversion tracking implemented is the crux to the most successful Adwords campaigns. Being able to successfully identify and implement your conversions and tracking will give you the knowledge needed to determine the profitability of your account.
Account Structure
Learn what a healthy account structure looks like based on Google's best practices. This knowledge will make it easier for you to understand what is going on in your account, run tests and optimize your account.
Search Queries
Most businesses are paying for a lot of search queries they aren't aware of due to the fact that they've used too many broad match keywords that aren't complemented with negative keywords. Let us help you stop overspending on subpar search queries
Traffic Funnel
Understanding how traffic is being funneled through your website is a critical part of knowing where to spend your time optimizing your account. Your time is valuable, receive additional insight on the flow of your Impressions > Clicks > Conversions.
Negative Keywords
Broad match keywords can be great, but only when paired with properly structured negative keywords. Want to save money by cleaning up your account? Let us help with ideas and suggestions you can implement to minimize waste.
Device Performance
Is your site mobile friendly? How much of your traffic is coming from a desktop and how much is coming from a mobile device? Get the tools you need to find out!
Ad Performance
Want to know your best performing headlines and descriptions? The results from your FREE audit will reveal which headlines and descriptions are your highest performers to do further split tests, thereby bettering your results.

What To Expect When You're Ready To Get Started

Kick Off Call With Your Dedicated Account Manager

Launching a new or revised advertising strategy is critical to it’s success.  We work with you to understand your business’s objectives and create a strategy around them.  During the initial launch of every new client we go through an extensive process to build a strong foundation to make sure your advertising dollars are fully utilized. During your kick off call we’ll:

  • - Set initial goals and expectations
  • - Set geographic and schedule targets
  • - Identify your competitive advantages
  • - Review your highest priority products or services
  • - Develop a clear strategy unique to your goals and opportunities


Audit of Your Existing Account and Build Your Strategy

After we have an understanding of your business and objectives we create a strategy document that will include a thorough audit and analysis of your existing PPC efforts including:

  • - Account health
  • - Campaign structure
  • - Campaign settings
  • - Ad groups
  • - Keywords
  • - Landing pages
  • - Ad extensions


Account Build or Restructure

Depending on the current state of your current AdWords account, we will determine if a new build or rebuild of your current account is most appropriate.  Regardless of which one is best for you our initial launch will include:

  • - Competitive analysis
  • - Structure account to optimize quality scores and reduce costs
  • - Set up all proper geographic targets, schedules, bid type strategies
  • - Build keyword match type tiered bid ad groups
  • - Write effective ad copy with variations for split tests
  • - Set up appropriate bids and budgets
  • - Install conversion tracking and remarketing when appropriate

Ongoing Optimization & Support

This is where the fun really begins.  Once an account has a strong foundation it’s time to start accumulating data. Unfortunately PPC can’t just be a set up and then forgotten.  It takes ongoing account management and optimization to adapt to an ever changing market. That is why it’s essential to continue to review the progress of your account and optimize based on the results. As part of your account management and ongoing optimization you will receive:

  • - A dedicated account manager with scheduled calls reviewing progress and strategy
  • - Certified PPC analyst team monitoring and optimizing campaigns
  • - Ongoing website consulting
  • - Scheduled detailed reports
  • - Bid and position monitoring
  • - Keyword performance analysis with additions and deletions
  • - Ad copy analysis and testing
  • - Conversion tracking analysis
  • - New campaign builds