How to Show In Local Rankings without A Physical Location

local-seach-location-statsSearch Engine Optimization is a constantly changing algorithm that many businesses are not sure how to approach. This becomes even more difficult when your business services multiple locations, regions or even nationwide. Finding the right strategy to effectively boost your business even in areas where you do not have storefront takes specific parts of an overall SEO strategy and magnifies their importance. But how can your business create a smart and efficient strategy to improve and enter specific SERPs in areas without storefronts? Here are some tips to make your growth faster and visible.


Area Specific Content

If you are trying to expand or improve your presence in a limited number of areas, a great way to improve your SERP is to create area-specific content. Content that uses keyword phrases that are relevant to your business and that particular area can generate more positive results than using keyword phrases that are generic. Create blog posts about the area, how your products and services impact the area and other helpful or relevant information that will target customers in that specific region you are trying to reach.


Create Category Pages on Your Site

Another great option for those who are focusing on a larger number of towns, cities or regions is to pull area-specific content onto specific pages of your website. This allows you to update the page new and relevant information on a regular basis that contains regional keywords that can help boost your SERP. You can also pull in third party information from sites like TripAdvisor, Facebook and Yelp! This is not recommended for every page, as Google puts a high reward on original content, but this can help you boost pages that you may not have a large amount of content for as of yet.


Use Analytics to Choose Pages Wisely

Analytics is there to help you determine where to focus your marketing efforts instead of throwing darts at a wall: use it! Review which regions are visiting your website the most and where you can make improvements. If you are seeing an influx of sales from a region and want to focus on this region, it makes sense to put more of your content efforts into keyword phrases that will drive visitors to your website through targeted content.  If you know there is an opportunity in an area that you have not been putting an effort into, then consider a push for this content area and view ROI and traffic results using analytics.

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