Simple WordPress SEO Updates for Your Website

WordPress is the most commonly used platform for websites in the United States and abroad. As of 2014, 74.6 million websites are integrated with WordPress, which is an astonishing number online. With so many users, there are many tricks of the trade that those new to WordPress can use to maximize their efforts to improve their organic results. Here are some easy tips WordPress users love to optimize their site for SEO success.


Download a SEO Plugin

Don’t make the world a harder place than it already is. There are numerous plugins on WordPress that make SEO much easier than a basic WordPress setup. One of the most popular and easiest to use is SEO Yoast. This plugin brings the world of SEO to your fingertips including Metas, Social Media and more.


Submit Your XML Sitemap

Sitemaps are the literal map for Google to crawl your site. Submitting your XML sitemap to Google notifies the algorithm of your site’s presence and engages them to crawl your website for rankings and information. SEO Yoast has a section where you can download your XML sitemap file that you can then submit via the Google Search Console.


Install a Broken Link Plugin

Broken links can be detrimental to your SEO success. Download a plugin that will notify your site manager of 400 & 500 errors on your site so they can be corrected or disavowed.


Open Graph Data for Social Media

Sometimes sites are built and their rendering on social media does not meet the requirements of your marketing needs. Opening Graph Data for social media will tell your site how to render the content properly and allows you to edit before you begin to post. This also can be handled from within SEO Yoast.


You Haven’t Set Goals in Google Analytics

Measuring your success in SEO is an absolute must. You can drive as much traffic to your site, but if they are not converting into leads and sales, then strategy must be altered. If there are no goal conversions set up within Google Analytics, it is difficult to see how your business is driving leads and what is causing your customers to leave your site. Set goals for all site funnels so you can follow your ROI and results.


These are just a few simple ways your website can increase SEO success using basic search engine strategies. To boost your local SEO marketing success into hyperdrive, contact Atria today!