Simple Tactics for Outbound Links

Link building: one of the most important parts of SEO, but also one of the hardest to successfully complete. Times have changed and quality links have trumped quantity links. The days of Ukranian directories are long gone thanks to algorithm changes Google has implemented to ensure users are receiving the highest quality information available. Creating high-quality links on sites that hold authority requires forethought and a strong online strategy. But all hope is not lost! There are ways to create outbound links simply by going after ideas that many marketers may see as too time consuming for their efforts. Here are some ways to make Outbound Links work for your SEO strategy through simple, yet effective tactics.


Content Participation

We have heard the drum of content for years at this point. Marketers know that fresh, innovative content is a necessity in the market; but dull, bland content doesn’t help generate success. Focus on creating quality over quantity again. Create eye catching titles that draw in users that are supported by an awesome intro paragraph (Note Ukranian Directories above: bet that got your attention!). If your outbound links are losing readers after a few seconds, it is very unlikely they are helping your SEO success. Drive them to your content and keep them there with a little bit of extra effort.



Yep-Bitcoin can help with your SEO. This is where directories actually do a solid use still. Cryptocurrency is still so fresh and still entering the financial market that it catches the attention of consumers if you accept Bitcoin. So much so that there are reputable Cryptocurrency directories online for those who keep money in the online currency to find businesses that accept this product as a certifiable transaction. Joining these directories creates legitimate links from a solid source.


Top Lists & Ultimate Guides

Today’s consumer wants information fast. The easiest way to provide quality content in a fashion that consumers enjoy reading is through lists with images. This simple solution to writing content will provide users with the info they need in the most simplistic way possible. This also reduces the time spent creating content in text form and creates a longer fold page using visuals.


Work with Journalists and Contributors

There are thousands of websites dedicated to specific niches within markets and product areas. Get active in these groups and websites. Reach out to the admins to see if they would welcome a podcast, video or contributed content. It is likely in many of these groups that they depend on people that are knowledgeable to create content for their use. Write a little in exchange for that outbound link!

These are just a few ways you can create new link building results for your company. Contact Atria to learn more about national and local SEO strategies today!  

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