Stay Up to Date With Long Tail Keywords for SEO

seo-keyword-phraseDuring the recent announcement of Project Owl, Google has reaffirmed a critical piece of information that many marketers have known for a long time: internet users are changing the way they are searching and thus the keywords used to search. It has changed so much that Google announced that now over 15% of user searches are new and have never been seen before. In a world with over 2 trillion searches a year, this number is quite striking. The SEO world is shifting yet again and your business needs to stay up to date with the latest initiatives. What does this large shift in new searches mean for your business? Find out here!


New Keywords Means New Opportunities

New searches brings new result opportunities for consumers and businesses. Many companies struggle to show in competitive keyword searches thanks to intense competition for keyword phrases that consumers regularly use. This provides a chance for businesses that may be struggling in the keyword phrases of old to get a head start on new keyword phrases that can convert visitors and leads.


Creating and Updating Content is More Important Than Ever

Knowing that these long-tail keyword phrases and out there is great, but if your company does not actively leverage this information for success then it is a missed opportunity. Review new keyword phrases that are bringing traffic online with your SEO provider and commit to creating content that is focused around the subject of these long-tail keyword phrases and enter these into your sitemap. Be sure to share this content in social media platforms to increase traffic and possibly assist with pickup in Google’s algorithm.


Your Business Must Review Long-Term Keyword Phrases Often

The biggest take-away from this Google announcement is that your business needs to remember that SEO is organic. This means it is in constant flux with updates and alterations to the algorithm. When there is a noticed change in the way users are searching the algorithm adjusts its results to adhere to an improved search experience.


Committing to review long-tail keyword results for your website and reviewing information provided by your SEO manager to choose potential goldmines must be a top-of-mind goal for any business that wishes to be competitive online. New opportunities provides the perfect opportunity to expand your website to cater to these new searches, while increasing your website size overall.


What Is The Best Way to Tackle SEO Shifts?

If your company does not have a strong marketing effort or is looking to increase the abilities of your marketing prowess, working with a national SEO company can be the perfect way to reach new heights online. Contact Atria Media Group today and learn more!