What Does Successful & Authoritative Content Look Like?

Not all content is created equal: how can your business be certain that the content being published will be recognized and convert potential visitors into leads. Not only does there need to be effective content, that content has to be effective consistently. To make the most of the time and money you invest in creating resources to attract your customers, be sure to use these tips when creating a solid content plan to improve national & local SEO as well as brand presence.


Create A Buyer Persona: This should be the core of any marketing strategy: who am I selling my product or service to? What age, sex, race and wage class are my buyers? How do my buyers search and find information online? What are my buyers pain points? If your content can immediately address and recognize the target audience you are trying to reach, you can easily reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.


Showcase Your Work: Help ease the questions your buyer may have about your past performance and experience. Provide Case Studies and Testimonials from clients for your site visitors to view and understand the type of company your business is. Be sure to share this content on appropriate social media sites like Linkedin, especially if your business is B2B.


Be A Trendsetter: Is there some breaking news or industry shift happening? Let your clients or customers know. If site visitors see that your business is staying with industry standards and learning about new changes on the horizon, you will be seen as an authority in the industry and ahead of the competition.


Approach with New Viewpoints: Don’t necessarily agree with something happening within your industry and have valid points? Write about it! This can spark conversation and dialogue that can generate more interest for your business within social media and organic searches.


Inform & Educate: Begin a relationship with your potential client before you even speak to them by providing information that informs and educates them as consumers. This can be provided in various content formats such as:


  • Blog Posts
  • Whitepapers
  • Videos
  • Lists
    Product Reviews
  • & More

These are just a few ways your business can ensure your content will lead with authority. Contact Atria today to learn more about how you can optimize your content for SEO success.