Turn SEO Fails into Wins with these Tips

seo-fails-to-winsManaging a strong SEO campaign can overwhelming for companies trying to compete in the online market. The strong competition and ever-changing algorithm can cause some businesses to accidently generate mistakes and errors within their website. Although these mistakes can penalize your rankings, there are smart-sense ways that your company and businesses like Atria can turn these hiccups around to make your website stronger. Here are some examples of often-penalized SEO errors that your company can turn around and make into a SEO success.


Bad Site Structure

All businesses have been there: it is non-stop busy trying to run the business and before you know it, your website design and structure is more than 5 years old. This may not seem like a huge deal, but search engine algorithms are going after dated sites that have outdated site structures. Sites that force visitors to click through multiple links to reach pertinent information often leads to high bounces rates, which Google recognizes as a poor experience for site visitors. This forces your rankings down and can bog your site visitors and conversions to the bottom.


Luckily, this can be resolved over time with a website restructuring and redesign. Creating a sound-minded and common sense site layout and navigation can lead visitors easily to beneficial information that creates conversions and boosts rankings. Make the header as user-friendly as possible and while in the backend of your website have a webmaster optimize your HTML code for errors and slow rendering.


Improve Site Speed

Websites have less than 8 seconds to recognize a visitor and populate a website before a user is likely to bounce from the website. Site speed has gradually been entered into the Google algorithm as a major factor in rankings. If your site is heavy with HTML and Java you may notice that the speeds are slower compared to other sites. You can check your site speed easily by using Google’s Page Speed Tools to test. To fix site speed issues, you can use external hosting for large files, clean up your codes throughout the site even use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for images on the site.


URLs, Meta Tags & Link Structure

Years ago, the words used in your URLs really didn’t matter, but today it is absolutely essential that your URLs, titles and meta descriptions must conform to a standard structure. Use of keywords that a relevant to client’s concerns and searches will assist your site in showing up in relevant searches. Use of these words in your titles and meta descriptions helps Google recognize that this may be relevant content to certain searches.

These are just a few of the ways you can turn your local and national SEO strategy around to boost visitors and conversions on your website. Contact Atria today to learn how you can optimize your website with SEO and PPC growth to improve results.